Vendor Dashboard

We've created this page as a central location for all the information you'll need as a vendor! We're thrilled to have you as part of our family and hope this dashboard helps clarify our process and any question you may have.

• WHEN WILL MY PRODUCT GO ON THE FLOOR? We have a 10 day processing timeline for all new shipments (initial inventory and re-stock), which means that your collection will not go on the floor immediately after it arrives to the store. This timeline is so we can count, cross-check, and price each item and enter it into our POS system for sale. After this 10 days, we'll style and display your work for sale on the floor! 

• WHEN WILL I GET PAID? We'll send monthly reports and direct deposits by the 15th of each month for the previous month's sales (e.g. you'll receive money by May 15th for sales that occurred April 1-30th). If you've not already signed up for direct deposit through, please email Phil ( for a setup link. 

 HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT SOLD? We send comprehensive reports each month including total sales, sales by item, quantity of each item we have left on hand, and returned items and totals. We'll also include a re-stock request for certain product so you know what to send next. Expect this report by the 10th of each month, including details for the previous month's sales.

• WHAT IS THE INITIAL SET-UP FEE FOR? Our set-up fee covers on-boarding and merchandising of your work (frames, ledges, signage, vignettes, etc.) and systems and processes to set your brand up for the best exposure which allows us to function unlike a standard consignment model. We on-board stock and displaying your collection in a way that points more towards you, the individual maker, instead of us as a store.

Please use the following team members for certain questions. Please do not ask floor staff in the store about payment, merchandising, re-stock, etc.

We are here to help!

• Phil: Set Up, Display, Other General Questions/Ideas (

• Sally: Inventory, Re-Stock, Product Pricing, Shipments, Sales Reports and Payments (

• Events: Events, Promotion (

• Restock of Existing Product: You will receive a Purchase Order on an as-need basis to restock your current line at Citizen Supply based on sales. These will come from

• Re-Stock with NEW Product: Should you want to send new product we have not previously carried at Citizen (great news!), we'll need you fill out a new inventory template. See attached form here. Please fill out and email to


• PURCHASE ORDERS: Please respond to all POs sent your way to confirm that you've received the order from with an estimated shipment or drop date.

• SEND TRACKING NUMBER: Please also send tracking numbers directly to Sally when you ship you order. This is so, so important so we know to keep an eye out for your product and can handle immediately if it does not arrive.