Citizen Supply Staff Application

We're always looking to hire amazing team members that will help make Citizen Supply the best curated shopping experience in Atlanta. If you're interested in helping create a unique environment for Atlantans to interact with local & international brands and artisan goods, please apply below! 


Sales Associate

Citizen Supply currently houses 130+ local brands, handmade goods, or sustainable businesses. As a Sales Associate your main focus will be making sure a customer understands our mission, products, and vendors. Our store is large, so we are looking for staff that is willing to take on a challenge, work efficiently, and is dependable. You'll be working on a small team but making a BIG impact. 


Key Holder

Our day to day is run by our Key Holders. Trained with information and systems from department managers,  this portion of our staff ensures that store runs efficiently and goals are met. We give a lot of responsibility to this position and really work together to achieve growth in the store. To qualify for a Key Holder position one must have retail experience or other managerial positions held. 


Other Opportunities 

As a growing retailer we are always looking to fill in gaps or open new categories of the business. If you qualify for a position that's higher level or in another genre that isn't listed here please feel free to reach out.