our mission

Citizen Supply exists to bridge the gap between the maker and the customer. To achieve that, we support three different business types:

  1. Handmade and Small-Batch Goods
  2. Local Brands
  3. Sustainable Businesses

We pride ourselves on providing a favorable profit-sharing model and offer valuable business analytics to each of our makers so they can continue to focus on their work. We were founded on the notion that the process is as significant as the product so we focus heavily on storytelling and are committed to representing our vendors not only as artists, but as people. 

In addition to introducing their work to a wider audience and creating an additional revenue stream, our goal - above all - is a relationship. We believe that retail doesn't have to be solely transactional and are proud to call our vendors friends. By shopping with us, you're making a real impact on the lives of some of the most talented people we know. So, thank you!