Dopp It Like It’s Hot: Handcrafted Dopp Kits For Your Next Adventure

You might not know where an exciting experience will take you, but you can at least make sure you packed your deodorant.

Grooming kits, also known as the “Dopp kit”, were originally designed by leatherworker Charles Doppelt in the early 20th century. Traditionally these kits were given as rite-of-passage gifts to boys transitioning from boyhood to manhood, but became popularized during World War II when they were issued to masses of soldiers. Now they are used universally by both guys & gals to store anything from tools to bathroom sundries in style.

We demonstrated how to organize your goods in four different handcrafted kits from some of our favorite makers. Next time you’re getting ready to hit the road, ditch the quart-sized plastic bag and grab one of these packs instead. Your tiny shampoos will thank you.